MASS EDEN BLOG writers are champions of green beauty and many have sensitive skin. They understand that each body is uniquely different. Everyone on the team is committed to sharing accurate and relevant information to help you realize your best possible skin.

As subject matter experts, the MASS EDEN BLOG team shares valuable information that you can trust. Here are the people who create the MASS EDEN BLOG content and share it with you each week.

Editor-in-Chief  | T.L. Robinson  Founder & Owner of Ada Brown, LLC, a wellness company that is the parent to the MASS EDEN brand: MASS EDEN Organic Body Care, MASS EDEN BLOG and MASS EDEN White Label.

Feature Writer | Matt Woodcox  (2018) Leading green beauty influencer. He runs the successful DirtyBoyGetsClean beauty blog and is a leading go-to consumer engagement resource for top green brands.

Contributor | Stephanie Winter Green living guru and beauty guru. Stephanie was Miss Antigua & Barbuda 2007. She is currently the “Head Rasta in Charge” at Wadadlivity, a healthy lifestyle brand, and author of a vegan cookbook entitled a bite of paradise.

Writers | Q&A Team Group dedicated to researching information and engaging experts to answer your questions.

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We review all submitted writing samples. Our Editor-in-Chief will contact you if your writing style and proposed area of expertise is a match for the MASS EDEN BLOG. All interested parties are encouraged to apply.