Skin/Body Care

Sensitive Skin & SPF

Sensitive skin and SPF may be a tricky situation, but it is not an impossible combination. We’re sharing information to help you safely protect your skin and bypass irritation.

Hot Water & Dry Skin

If you suffer from dry skin then you know the daily struggle to maintain your skin’s moisture. There are many triggers for dry skin but one of the biggest contributors could actually be something you are doing. Taking a hot… Read More ›

Importance of a Toner

For years we have seen the TV commercials showing fresh-faced young adults using toners with a big smile on their faces. Promising that by using the toner you will have perfectly clear and clean skin. You’ve probably fallen for that… Read More ›

Proper Cleansing

The foundation of any great skincare routine (and great skin) is a proper cleanse. Whether you are cleansing once or twice a day, it is important that you are cleansing the skin thoroughly. This will allow any products you apply… Read More ›

Product Expiry

Yes! Yes! Yes! Body care products do expire, even if they have never been opened. This confirmation of expiry includes cleansers (including bar soaps), moisturizers, all make up, masks, fragranced and dyed salts, etc. All of them can reach a… Read More ›