Product Development

MASS EDEN will launch two new products this year that we know you’ll love. Read this week’s blog to learn more about our product development.

Editor’s Note: May 2018

Our goal is not to influence you on which products to use or which trends to follow. Our goal is to inform you so that you can make the best decisions for your body and overall wellness.

Editor’s Note: April 2018

The MASS EDEN Blog continues to grow in content and readership. Our reader demographics evolve as the digital footprint grows. Within the last several months, we’ve seen a widening of the age gap from 24-35 to 18-45; shift in gender… Read More ›

Editor’s Note: March 2018

The beauty industry is thriving per the realization of both the spending power and entrepreneurial efforts of people from varying demographics. A space that consistently catered to women of non-color (with means and privilege) has a greater sense of inclusion… Read More ›