At MASS EDEN Blog, we believe that using the right products and being armed with the right information allows people to take control of their health. We want to provide a community where you can ask (intimate) questions, increase your awareness and knowledge of body care and – most importantly – know that you are not alone in what you may be experiencing. Via MASS EDEN Blog posts, we will share information and insights, industry advances and research on (new) ingredient trends as they relate to body care.

The MASS EDEN Blog was first published in 2017 in response to questions and shared stories from MASS EDEN™ Organic Body Care customers. We realized that, outside of traditionally socialized body care practices and products, there was a void in the information space for green beauty. Specifically, our customers with sensitive skin had questions on certain body care practices, effects/symptoms they were experiencing and perceived effectiveness of products they previously used.

TL Robinson, MASS EDEN Founder & Owner, developed the concept for the blog to fill the void and satisfy our company mission. As a reader, you will find posts that provide information across the many facets of body care and are categorized as “Wellness”, “Skin/Body Care”, (MASS EDEN) “Company” or “Information”. The MASS EDEN Blog is published every Sunday morning to readers across the globe.

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