Editor’s Note: January 2019

Happy New Year!

As an information source, the MASS EDEN BLOG continues to grow in scale and and content. The blog initially started out as a Q&A in September 2017. Subscribers would send us questions, we’d do the research then share the answers and information sources via a weekly post. In the past fifteen months, we’ve evolved into so much more. We’re now a wellness platform that focuses providing information that helps you care for your sensitive skin.

We will continue to share company, industry and self care information in addition to increasing our efforts in the visual content space. We will continue to bring you more posts about caring for your self and your sensitive skin from the inside out. Beginning this moth, you’ll also see posts related to mental wellness. We’ll introduce body care and wellness experts who are changing the game of green beauty.

Launching and publishing the MASS EDEN BLOG has been a great experience! I and the team have an opportunity to continuously learn about sensitive skin, self care trends, industry happenings then share everything that we’ve learned with you. Based upon the consistent uptick in the number of daily readers or the increase in number of countries, I know that we continue to move in the right direction.

I am truly humbled and excited by the evolution of the MASS EDEN BLOG. The brand was created for you. So, your questions and comments are and will always be welcome. Send them to info@masseden.com. The team and I look forward to continuing our education with you in this new year.


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Author: TL Robinson

TL Robinson is an entrepreneur and Wellness Advocate with a focus on wellness. She heads MASS EDEN®, a green brand that focuses on the needs of health conscious consumers with sensitive skin; is Editor in Chief of the brands blog; and, is a public speaker with a focus on sharing the importance of physical, mental and emotional health.

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