Editor’s Note: April 2018

Editor's Note: April 2018 TL Robinson

The MASS EDEN Blog continues to grow in content and readership. Our reader demographics evolve as the digital footprint grows. Within the last several months, we’ve seen a widening of the age gap from 24-35 to 18-45; shift in gender from 25% male and 75% female to 52% male and 48% female; and, a 13% bump in international readership. As the EIC of the MASS EDEN Blog, I am truly excited to see these numbers. They may not seem like much but they are telling our story and providing confirmation that we are truly settling into our niche.

As a unisex organic body care brand, MASS EDEN focuses on satisfying the needs of consumers with sensitive skin. The market still has a large gap when it comes to providing products and information that can address the needs across the scope of sensitive skin. Sensitive skin does not discriminate on the bases of race, class or gender. It affects millions of men, women and children across the globe. Yet, information is limited and products are often times “one size fits all”. This scarcity becomes more pronounced in the green space.

I created the MASS EDEN Blog to fill this information gap. It was and still is important to me that consumers with sensitive skin have needed information to make informed wellness decisions. And, by our recent engagement numbers, it looks like we are hitting the mark!

Thank you for trusting us.

Thank you,

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T.L. Robinson


Author: TL Robinson

TL Robinson is an entrepreneur and Wellness Advocate with a focus on wellness. She heads MASS EDEN®, a green brand that focuses on the needs of health conscious consumers with sensitive skin; is Editor in Chief of the brands blog; and, is a public speaker with a focus on sharing the importance of physical, mental and emotional health.

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  1. Your skin is defined as one of the most overlooked organs in the human body but an organ nonetheless… I’m so pleased know that there are companies out there like MassEden that really cares for skin care… Thank you…..

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