Editor’s Note: March 2018

The beauty industry is thriving per the realization of both the spending power and entrepreneurial efforts of people from varying demographics. A space that consistently catered to women of non-color (with means and privilege) has a greater sense of inclusion of men and people of color. The communicated needs and ideas from people in this newly introduced space has helped to create the amazing evolution that we’ve seen in the body care and cosmetic space over the last few years.

Proof of the product innovation can be evidenced in: product packaging, application tools, effectiveness (including long-wear), inclusion of botanicals along with increased ingredient count and use of artificial ingredients in our products. This evolution has been thrilling because it increases the excitement for self care. It’s now fun, sexy and something that is socially acceptable to discuss in public. The sharing of products and by targeted messaging expands the reach to intended audiences across race, gender, economic status, nationality boundaries.

Much of this evolution is fantastic! However, a gap still exists for millions of men and women across the globe. As great as some of these products may be…they still do not meet even the basic needs for those of us who have allergies and/or sensitive skin. Simple cleansing and moisturizing, let alone use cosmetic products that promote anti-aging, firming or exfoliation can trigger very serious and painful irritations. Many people believe that one product with “made for sensitive skin” on the label works for us all – they do not. To date, “sensitive skin” still does not have a dermatological definition and there is still much to learn about this issue and those of us on the spectrum. As a person with sensitive skin, I identified a gap and decided to fill it with the MASS EDEN brand.

MASS EDEN unisex body care products and the MASS EDEN Blog both cater to the needs of people with sensitive skin. Our products are crafted with minimal ingredients and active botanicals known to promote healthy skin function. Our blog answers your questions regarding body care for people with sensitive skin. The MASS EDEN brand combines the realized innovation and inclusion of all men and women to provide a luxury organic body care brand and information resource. As a brand, we are committed to keeping pace with mainstream brands to ensure that you, our consumers, are not left out of the excitement of sharing your self care product likes and practices.

You have been with us since the beginning of the MASS EDEN BETA and are the reason for the launch of the MASS EDEN (blog six months ago). I thank you for your engagement with and loyalty to the brand. Here’s to the inclusion of men and women with sensitive skin!

Thank you,

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T.L. Robinson



Author: TL Robinson

TL Robinson is an entrepreneur and Wellness Advocate with a focus on wellness. She heads MASS EDEN®, a green brand that focuses on the needs of health conscious consumers with sensitive skin; is Editor in Chief of the brands blog; and, is a public speaker with a focus on sharing the importance of physical, mental and emotional health.

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