Month: March 2018

Diet & Skin

It’s no secret that we want to look our best by having clear, beautiful skin. So, we invest much of our time and money into beauty products. In our youth, we use products to help us maintain our appearance. But,… Read More ›

Health & Self-Care

Health is an important part of daily life. Historically, health was assessed solely by the presence of illness. Within the last several decades, the scientific study of health has become more sophisticated and in-depth. Thus, the scope of assessing health… Read More ›

Editor’s Note: March 2018

The beauty industry is thriving per the realization of both the spending power and entrepreneurial efforts of people from varying demographics. A space that consistently catered to women of non-color (with means and privilege) has a greater sense of inclusion… Read More ›

Importance of a Toner

For years we have seen the TV commercials showing fresh-faced young adults using toners with a big smile on their faces. Promising that by using the toner you will have perfectly clear and clean skin. You’ve probably fallen for that… Read More ›