Month: February 2018

Proper Cleansing

The foundation of any great skincare routine (and great skin) is a proper cleanse. Whether you are cleansing once or twice a day, it is important that you are cleansing the skin thoroughly. This will allow any products you apply… Read More ›

Know Your Product Symbols

There are particular symbols on beauty products and many people do not know what they mean. For your personal safety and education, we’re sharing cosmetic product label symbols and their meanings. Here are 11 symbols you should know: THE MASS EDEN… Read More ›

Editor’s Note: February 2018

Body care, specifically our routines and product choices, is personal for each us. It’s based upon recommendations from friends, family members, influencers and our favorite beauty information sources. For some, finding effective products is pretty easy. For others, finding effective… Read More ›