Lying Underneath

It’s okay! You put yourself out there, had a new experience, formed a relationship and got hurt. You should know that we’ve all been there. And, it’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. . .you trusted ’em. They looked nice, made some promises and, on the surface, provided some short-term benefits. They were out in public, right there in your face. . .advertising themselves. You’d never think that there is anything wrong with them just by looking at their packaging. But, there was a potentially life threatening secret lying underneath that oh so attractive, polished exterior. Overcoming such betrayal takes time. Your heart will recover, but your health may be impacted.

Of course this feels like betrayal and maybe it is. But, the likelihood of getting the full story of a product upfront is close to nil. To generate sales, the perceived benefit and a specific persona is marketed. Consumers who identify with the image and find value in the messaging buy the product. The ingredients and any usage warnings are either printed on the product label or included on the product sheet that’s in/on the packaging. Per the law, the company has fulfilled its legal obligation to you, the consumer. But any additional ingredient information is not required to be shared.

Per the FD&C Act, no company has to specifically detail “carcinogenic”, “pathogen”, etc. on the label. In fact, the FDA does not approve ingredients before a company puts them on the market. Therefore, the onus of customer safety is on each company. Companies identify and confirm impacts to customers via a series of tests (ingredient research, consumer trials, product testing, etc.).  Results are socialized to consumers depending upon either the severity of and/or number of people impacted either by a discovered issue or degree of success in (desired) results. Outside of these extremes, you may never hear of any potentially dangerous ingredient information because the amount that is included in a product is considered small.

INFO – Product testing may occur pre and post market launch and continue for the life of the product. Testing approach and duration varies by company.

Reading product labels and researching the ingredients yourself is the only way for you to ensure that you have a full understanding of what you are purchasing. Although the ingredients are on the market, some are known to trigger allergies and cause tumor growth, hormonal imbalance, cancer, paralysis and even death. Ingredient information is more important for pregnant women because some chemicals may be absorbed into the bloodstream and shared with the fetus. Whether you are a man or a woman, having a clear understanding of what’s going on and in your body is important because your health depends on it.

INFO – A woman puts on an avg. of 515 different chemicals every day. It takes approx. 26 seconds for a percentage of those chemicals to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Some have the thought that all companies don’t provide granular (enough) information about the potentially harmful ingredients that are in their products. Companies provide the current level of information for two reasons: 1. the law only requires the provision of information down to a certain level of detail and 2. the assumption is you’ll ask if you want to know any additional information. You don’t ask because you give full responsibility to the companies, assuming that each will provide full disclosure about ingredients lying underneath the lid. But, until the laws change, the only way to have more knowledge is to read the label along with provided warnings and do the research yourself. There are ways to have an honest relationship with your body care. It’s just going to require some additional effort and communication on your part.


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