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Perfect skin…the proverbial unicorn that many of us consistently chase and cannot catch.  With the berrage of perfection thrown our way via tv, magazines and social media, it makes achieving flawless skin almost a necessity in order to feel as though we’re being taken seriously. Achieving flawless skin seems impossible; the journey to reach it can be frustrating at best. And for many of us, perfect skin is not possible. Due to genetics or our environment, flawless skin may always be out of our reach.

But, all hope is not lost! Prominent doctors and dermatologists have inspiring news for us. They agree that although perfection is not always attainable, we can realize our best possible skin by consistently implementing these five practices into our daily lives:

  1. Wash Skin. Day to day, skin gets a build up of bacteria, viruses, old dead skin cells, dirt and oil. These impurities cause irritation, illness and can lead to scarring. Regular washing (with products that are suitable for your body) removes these impurities so skin can breath to absorb vitamins and nutrients. The best times to wash skin are: after waking up, after physical activity, contact with irritants and before going to bed.
  2. Moisturize Skin. Applying moisturizer stimulates cell regeneration and stimulates circulation. In addition, it is a good way to apply vitamins, anti-oxidants and protection that is vital to a healthy, youthful appearance.
  3. Hydrate Skin. Body has up to 60% water and skin contains 64% water. Water promotes circulation, skin repair, flushing of toxins, regularity and improvement of skin’s complexion. It’s been recommend to drink eight glasses of water per day for proper bodily function, specifically blood flow to the skin as researched and confirmed by the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  4. Healthy Diet. A diet with the [appropriate amount of] selenium, anti-oxidants, CoQ10, vitamins, healthy fats and good oils promote proper bodily function. Processed and refined foods, trans fats and industrial oils can negatively impact circulation, cell generation and digestion.
  5. Sufficient Sleep. The body recovers when it is at rest. While sleeping, the body rebalances water levels by recovering moisture and preparing excess water for removal. A lack of sleep impedes the rebalancing process and leads to dry, dull skin, circles under the eyes and puffiness.


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