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Ahhh, yes! We know what you’re thinking “Here’s another body care line that touts being good for me because of it’s ingredients…blah…blah…blah.” We understand how you feel. With so many products on the market, it seems like many of us are the same. You may ask “After all, body care products are designed to clean, moisturize and help people achieve healthy skin – that’s it. Right?” Well, although the expected outcomes don’t change, the popular notions that 1. many products are the same and 2. all products are good to you are not fully accurate.

Products vary mainly due to their ingredients list. A majority of mainstream body care products have an ingredient focus that provides only limited benefit and may also harm the body. For example, a soap that cuts grease using sodium lauryl [as an ingredient] will expose you to a grade 1, 4 dioxane (a carcinogenic). In addition, some conditioners like propylene glycol causes dermatitis and inhibits cell growth. For those of you who love fragrances in your soaps and creams, some products contain the ingredient toluene which is linked to anemia and adverse effects to a developing fetus. Yikes!

Honey Do Item – Check out the ingredients on the labels of each product in your (medicine) cabinet and research them. You’ll be able to identify all of the toxic ingredients that you put on your body daily.

At MASS EDEN, we partner with top-notch industry experts to ensure that our body care products are effective and, most importantly, safe. Our use of quality natural and organic ingredients provide hypoallergenic bases for each of our bar soaps and a clean foundation for our moisturizer and honey beauty mask. This means that when using MASS EDEN products, skin gets cleaned and moisturized without being exposed to toxic ingredients that can create skin irritations and cause negative health issues. Our products are crafted to care for the most sensitive skin but can satisfy the needs of all skin types. Over time, you’ll realize softer, healthier skin.

With us, the issue of body care is black and white…either it’s good to you or it’s not. Let MASS EDEN be good to you. Check out our products here.

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